Hey Honey,

Life is so cruel
People are so rude
World is suck
And you don't have someone to hold on to
You cry all night long
You just can scream in your mind
No one hear, No one care
Even someone you love the most
Leaving you
In this mad town

Hey Honey,

You are in pain
You may not that tough
But, you just have to trust and love yourself
You can pass this hard time
You can look back, sometime
You just have to save your energy
For this present and the future
Don't waste your time

Hey Honey,
Be brave

joyeux anniv Nimo

Joyeux anniv mon Nimo, tu me manques toujours.

what i need right now

i think i need take some off days... then go somewhere for vacation. Alone.
i think i need the fresh air... i need to be alone.
i think too much. Please don't push me too hard.
oo yeahh, sometimes what we want and what we need, we can't get it. Just let it be.

terlalu banyak pikiran

Ça fait longtemps après mon dernier post, il y avait deux ou trois mois, more less. Autant de changements après sa mort, bien sûr, mais la vie doit continuer. Je veux dire, le ciel est toujours bleu, le soleil brille. But still, there’s something wrong here. I missing. Il ne reviendrait pas plus, donc au revoir papa...

Di samping itu, saat ini gw lagi merasa absurd banget. Nggak jelas. Gw merasa kehilangan seseorang lagi (bukan kehilangan karena meninggal). Je compte le jours pour son 'M******e'...Je pense que je suis fou +_+". O Dieu

Dan semangat gw semakin menurun karena belum juga mendapat pekerjaan. O Dieu, aidez-moi...Je vous en supplie +_+. Je veux pleurer, mais le 'tear' ne sort pas. Dokter gw bilang, gw kena stress ringan et elle m'a conseille d'aller a psychiatre. WHAT THE HELL?! Gw rasa gw cuma terlalu banyak pikiran. Let's hope it'll be better someday, soon. Pray for good.

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